The Problem:
The Independent National Electoral Commission is an agency that plans, co-ordinate and manages the electoral process in Nigeria. in preparation for the 2019 general elections, INEC had a reputation to protect on the back of previous elections that had divided opinions of Nigerians whether the agency is fit enough to co-ordinate the general elections. It became crucial to put up a good face, both online and offline.

The Solution:
In partnership with Zena Concepts, we were tasked to handle the hardest job, building up to the general elections. We were to educate, inform, and update on happenings behind closed doors through compelling and simple design and multimedia visuals across all social media platforms.
We knew this task will be challenging when we were told that all materials that will be provided to us will come in form of archaic and out of date materials and that our delivery has to be almost real-time and always get ahead of the news from various outlets such as online blogs, newspapers, etc.
At a time of rapid fire fake news circulation building up to the elections, we were tasked to counter fake news by designing ultra counter & compelling visuals (Motion Graphics) aimed at quelling fake news.
The project provided a much needed insight and gave us a big and awesome experience which all
stake holders are proud of.